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Name:Transmission belts cutting machine
Control system:PLC touch screen
Max. cutting width:500mm
Min.cutting width:3mm
Max. belts length:4500mm
Min.belts length:200mm

Product Description

Machine description

UQ-C530 transmission belts cutting machine is special for pvc/tpu endless belts cutting,

menawhile, it is also suitable for timing belts cutting. Machine adopts PLC touch screen 

control system, operation is simple and convenient.

Technical parameters:

Maximum Belt Width: 500mm

Maximum Length : 4500mm

Minimum Length: 200mm

Minimum Width: 3mm

High cutting accuracy ±0.3mm

Electrical connection: 220V, single phase, 3KW. Also can make voltage 110/220V.

Features & advantages

01. PLC touch screen control system.

02. Cutting speed and cutting width digital dispaly.

03. Transmission belts and timing belts cutting

transmission belts cutting machine.jpg

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