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Add:No.19 Dongbao Rd,Songjiang District, Shanghai City, China.
Name:New type ply separator
Ply thickness:error+-0.05mm
Control:Foot Pedal
Safety:Rolloer cover for protection

Product Description

I. Unique New belt ply Separators (splitting machines) 

It is used for belts splitting, suit various belt thicknesses and easy operation, 130mm deepth separation

II. Unique new belt sply separator advantages :

1.  With scale, high precision separation, high effiency Layered thickness accuracy.
2.  Scale to adujust the split deepth. Max. 130mm.
3.  Hard alloy steel knife,more durable and sharper.
4.  With cover &  pedal switch,, work more safe and easy operation.
5.  No belt thicknesses limited. Belts can be divided into two layers, three layers, or four layers, etc.

III. Specification & Main Components

Controller:Positive/Inversion control box
Switch: Foot pedal start / stop
Voltage: Standard 380V 3 phase ,or customerized
Power: <180W
Splitting thickness:0.8-15mm, PU, PVC, Rubber belt etc. Conveyor belts


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