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Add:No.19 Dongbao Rd,Songjiang District, Shanghai City, China.
Name:V-guide welding machine
Max. width:2000mm
Welding roller:1000mm
welding speed:Adjustable
welding mould:D6~D22

Product Description

I.  Unique v guide welding machine 

It is special for pvc/tpu V guide welding on conveyor belts fabric side.

II.  Technical parameter

Suitable for belts Max. width: 2000mm

Material: PVC/ PU

Max. thickness: 10 mm

Power : 550W

Welding Roller width: 1000 mm

Running Speed: 0.2 m/s(adjustable)

Net Weight: 230 KGS

III. Machine features

01. High working efficiency , welding speed can reach 8 m/min.

02. Different Mould sizes can be chosed:6×4mm ,8×5mm ,10×6mm 

      and 13×8mm, others can make accords to your requirements, like 

      17×11 mm,12*24 mmetc.

03. Wheel- base design, machine can be moved easily.

IV. Machine Photos


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