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Name:All in one air cooled press
Working size:300x130mm(12

Product Description

Unique air cooled hot press/air cooled hot joint machine 

Air cooled all-in-one designed splicer is the new generation of splice equipment for belt 

joint splicing both on site and in the workshop.Unique air cool splicing press is less weight,

less set-up time, and very short splicing time.

I. Standrad joint size

300*130mm,600*130mm,900*130mm,1200*130mm, 1500*130mm,1800*130mm,


II. Machine features

01. Integrated type cooling system, no need cooling water.

02. Easy to move in luggage box. suitable for belts joint at site.

03. Fast welding and cooling: whole working process within 7-15mins.

04. One-piece equipment, no external component. Easy to installation and operation.

III. Technical parameter

01. Model : UQ-A300

02. Power: 1.2KW

03. Voltage: 110/220/380/440/

04. Effective Joint size: 300*130 (12"*5.1")

05. Machine dimension: L505*W250*H220mm

06. Net weight:21KG 

IV. 300mm Air cooled press Photos

300mm air cooled press.jpg

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