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Name:2000mm Hole Punching machine
Name:Hole Punching Machine for PVC/PU/Rubber Conveyor Belts

Product Description

I. PVC/PU/Rubber conveyor belts hole punching machine 

Unique automatic holes punching machine can work on very solid and hard PVC/PU/Rubber 

belts. Hole punching tools diameter range from 2mm to 10mm.

II. Fully automatic

Machine setting(hole distance and number…) is programmable. PLC touch screen control whole 

working process.

III. Main specification

Effective roller width: 500,1000,1500, 2000mm or customized 

Maximum length of belt: unlimited

Minimum length of belt: 500mm

Maximum perimeter of belt: unlimited

Minimum perimeter of belt: 600mm

Power: 3.5KW

High pression : +- 0.05mm ( can see from the photos, clients’ purpose is 7mm)

Application: open and endless pvc pu rubber belt

IV.  Machine & punching samples

hole punching machine s.jpg

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