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Add:No.19 Dongbao Rd,Songjiang District, Shanghai City, China.
Name:Pneumatic Type Finger Puncher
Machine width:1600mm, can custom made
Punching teeth:20x50, 10x80.20x80mm
Punching head:Guide rail type,long using life
Max.Pressure:10 Tons Air and hydraulic cylinder

Product Description

I. Pneumatic type V finger punching machine 

This type finger puncher is semi-automatic and pneumatic.

Suitable for prepping finger and finger-over-finger splices for PVC,PU and polyurethane belts;

Standard type: 1600mm, also can make smaller 1000mm and wider 2000mm, 

Punching teeth size: 20*50, 10*80. 20*80mm,etc.

II. Machine features

01. Fast and easy to change punching blade.

02. Guide rail type machine punching head, moving smooth and precise.

03. Suitable for single, double, and triple layers belts v finger punching.

04. Booster cylinder, high cylinder strength, high quality blade, one time punching belt completely.

III. V finger punching samples


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