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Add:No.19 Dongbao Rd,Songjiang District, Shanghai City, China.
Name:Maunal Type Finger Puncher
Easy to move:No need power
Suitable for workign at site:punching teeth aptional
Punching size:2050,1080,2080mm

Product Description

I. Unique manual type 

V-finger punching machine

Standard machine width 300, 600, 900,1100,1300mm.

II. Machine features

1. Light weight and portable design

2. Both side open design, no width limited;

3. Used for PVC PU conveyor belts V figner punching

4. Auitable for Single finger & double fingers punching

5. Different models width 24″ (300 mm) ~ 60″ (1300 mm) (no width limited)

6. Easy change the blade,blade size:20×50, 20×80, 10×80, 10x90mm etc.

    round and sharp blade is optional);

III. Technical parateter


IV. Machine photos

manual Finger.jpg

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