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Add:No.19 Dongbao Rd,Songjiang District, Shanghai City, China.
Name:Water cooled press-2100
Voltage:110/220/380/440V, 3 A.C.
Body structure:Aluminium alloy

Product Description

Whole automatic process:Aluminium alloy body

Press the button Auto-Start

Pressure the start button-pressure goes up

→Temp goes up

→ Temp holding period of time for welding at setting Temp 

→ Auto-cooling and pressurerelease

→ Finish Indicator sounds.

Information for operation:

Temperature growing from 0 to 170 degrees takes 16min (without interval during the process). 

Cooling from 170 to 60 degrees takes 4min. Temp difference between upper heating plate and 

lower heating plate 3degrees. Four stages for temp setting to meet the requirement of different 

types of belt jointing. Functional especially for thick belts.


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